Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tape : D-Law And The Bountyhunters ‎- Touch Bottom - 1994

Tape - 1994 - Mad Man Recordings  

I don't remember precisely where I got this tape rip but I'm pretty sure I heard It for the first time on Boombapboombox Blog a long time ago.
D-Law And The Bountyhunters are from Hartford Connecticut, and their 6-Track EP featuring A.K Serious came out in 1994 on Mad Man Recordings. All tracks were produced by Boileroom Productions composed of Marcus "Direct" Mickens & Arun "AJ" Ranganathan, both from Middletown Connecticut.

A1 - Bounty Season
A2 - Nuff Respect
A3 - Stop Bitch'n
B1 - Touch Bottom
B2 - Pot Hoes
B3 - The Gutta (Remix)


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