Sunday, May 20, 2018

3.2.1 - Rock The Ruff Rapps - 1994

12" - 1994 - Hard Life Records 

3.2.1 was a group from Staten Island NY. Group members were Cisco (now known as Chedda Bang) and Drew Black (now known as Pressie the Don). They released their first and only 12-Inches called "Rock the Ruff Rapps" on Hard Life Records circa '94. The Record Label was managed by Kool Kim, member of the group the UMC's, who also produced the single.  

S.C.U. ‎- Brace Yo Delf (20th Anniversary Edition) - 2018

LP - 2018 - Hip-Hop Enterprise

The 20th Anniversary edition of the classic album "Brace Yo Delf" originally dropped by the Baltimore based group S.C.U (Self Contained Unit) in 1998 (on CD only), will be the first release of the new indy Hip-Hop Record Label founded by the well-known record collector Michel Mees
It will be available on vinyl and CD. The vinyl will feature the full album and the classic joints from the 1st vinyl single. The CD will feature the full album, the classic joints from the 1st vinyl single and as an added extra the Harm City joints as well.

More info coming soon ... Stay tuned fellas !

Mix : Dj Droppa - Keep it movin' Vol.4

Intro (beat by El Jazzy Chavo) 
Ill Conscious - Over the seas 
Mecca 83 - Let's get it (feat Grap Luva) 
AzumdemSK, Slowy & Dennis Real - Dichte rille 
Soundsci - Hunger pains 
Evidence - The factory 
Apathy & OC - The broadcast 
Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown - An Unexpected Call (feat Inspectah Deck) 
Pete Flux & Parental - Illness (RMX) 
Fredfades & Sun Raw feat Planet Asia - Mobbin for a Hobby 
Sensei 'N Chillow - Mic professionals (feat Dj Grazzhoppa) 
Blabbermouf feat Ellmatic - Make way 
Gobshite & Dj Dsk - Check out the technique (feat Mystro & Akil) 
Anteek Recipes - Wax heist 
Moka Only - Timepieces 
Andy Cooper - Last of a dying breed 
Hex One & Klaus Layer - Where i'll go 
Insight - Know the meaning 
Jeru The Damaja feat OC - Spontaneous 
Jazz Spastiks & Mello Soul Black - Follow the leader 
Sir Beans Obe & Mc Kelz - Other dudes 
Teenburger - I'm gonna, we never 
A Cat Called Fritz - Everybody (feat Venomous2000) 
Quartzcrystallus - Worldwide (Grazz RMX) 
Hot16 - Rhythm (feat Ohmega Watts) 
O'hene Savant - Claud anderson

Contact : Droppa

Friday, May 18, 2018

Radio Show : Cratefast Show with Special Guest Mc Bello.B on ItchFM (13.05.18)

The Cratefast Show – Intro
BobbyAllen & The Explosions – Soul Chicken
Ray Bryant – Up Above The Rock
The Rimshots – Dancing Girl
Schooly D – Saturday Night
Rah Digga – Lessons of Today
PeteRock & CL Smooth – The Midnight Wrecka
CPO – Ballard of a Menace
Cypress Hill – Hand on the Pump
Gang Starr – To Be a Champion
The Outlaw Posse – Lyrical Messiah
Outlaw Posse – Stop the Negativity
Outlaw Posse – The Original Dope
Mc Bello.B – Interview Pt.1 (35mins – 1hr06mins)
The Outlaw Posse – Sons of the Devil
Mc Bello.B – Interview Pt.2 (1hr11mins – 1hr43mins)
Caveman – Swift Sucker
Showbiz & AG Ft. Dres – Bounce Ta This
Organized Konfusion – Extinction Agenda
Godfather Don – Billy Bathgate
Silver Fox Clandest & Credit One – Back

A.G. - The Taste Of Ambrosia LP - 2018

LP - 2018 - Fatbeats / Slice Of Spice 

"A.G. returns with all-start cast, featuring the likes of Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Alchemist and more. For this album, he’s on his a-game, from beginning to end. Touching on topics from the hip hop biz, street tales and political hypocrisy. The Taste Of AMBrosia is a full meal serving for mature rap devotees who’ve grown tired of contemporary rhymesayer laziness. Joined by guests including Diamond D, A-Bless and Thirstin Howl III, A.G. backs up his claim that he is ill enough to paint his own portrait, and illustrates and vision of rap immortality that hardcore heads and fellow legacy MCs alike can worship eternally." - Fatbeats

Produced by Lord Finesse, Alchemist, Diamond D, Ahmed, Ray West, K-Boogie, The Last Genius ...

Pre-Orders :

Release Date : June 22, 2018

Confidence - Produce What You Feel - 2018

"The evolution of Confidence started 17 years ago when he was lucky enough to get his hands on the MPC 2000xl to start creating boom bap hip hop. 'Produce What You Feel' embodies the progression and versatility of beats that will take you on a journey through different musical emotions and feelings. The track list plays like a timeline, so you’ll be able to listen to the progression of all the hours and years Confidence has put into mastering his craft. As Rashad once said, 'It takes work and focus to get heard and noticed.' " - courtesy of Confidence's Bandcamp. 

Physical copies coming soon ... stay tuned !

Album Review : Strickly Roots - Begs No Friends - 1993

From The Source - April 1993 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle